2024 Centennial Awards for Excellence | Nomination Guidelines

Faculty, students, administrators, staff, and alumni may nominate an individual or team for recognition in any one of the three categories (service, leadership, spirit). An individual or team may self-nominate. Please note: a team is defined as two or more people.

It is easy to nominate deserving individuals or teams:

  1. Complete the short nomination form in its entirety. Remember to check all the categories (Service, Leadership, Spirit) that apply to your nominee(s).
  2. Write one nomination letter that does not exceed two pages. Only one nomination letter is needed regardless of the number of categories checked per nominee(s).
  3. Include one letter of support signed by another person (or team of people) that does not exceed two pages. Please provide examples of how the nominee/team has gone above and beyond the scope of the job responsibilities. NOTE: If more than one support letter is submitted, the committee will randomly select one letter for review.

Because a nominee’s contributions may fit several of the categories recognized with Centennial Awards, you may nominate an individual or team in more than one category. On the nomination form, please check all applicable categories (Service, Leadership, and/or Spirit). This change will help ensure a strong pool of applicants in all categories. NOTE: In reviewing the nomination packets, the committee often identifies categories that could also apply to the nominee (e.g., the nominee was nominated for Leadership and the committee also believed that the Spirit category was appropriate). For this reason, the committee reserves the right to identify additional categories to award a deserving nominee.

Nomination packets, including the 2024 nomination form with the letter of nomination and letter of support for the 2024 Centennial Awards for Excellence must be sent electronically to centennial@ecu.edu or uploaded via the online form on this website and received by 5:00 p.m.; Friday, February 23, 2024. There are no exceptions to this process or deadline.

The Centennial Awards for Excellence Committee will review the nomination packets and make their recommendations to the Chancellor.

Announcement of the Centennial Awards for Excellence recipients will be made at the University Awards for Service on April 8, 2023.

Individual recipients will receive a cash award of $500 in their pay as soon as possible following the announcement of the award.  Appropriate and necessary deductions will be made from the award amount. Team recipients will divide the $500 cash award evenly among team members, if less than 5 total members. If a team has more than 5 members, commemorative plaques will be awarded instead of prize money.